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'Razgar' meaning ( translated from Bulgarian )

Meaning: Ignition. The most intense moment of an activity, a peak of activity.

Synonyms: ember, heat, fire at its peak, power, fury


Razgar is an industrial design firm dedicated to crafting outdoor equipment that transcends time and trends. Designed and produced in Bulgaria, we believe in using natural materials and locally sourced craftsmen to bring our designs to life in our production workshops. Our unique approach merges cutting-edge research and development with the traditional skills and artistry of local artisans.


Born from the creation of a single outdoor product, Razgar has since expanded to offer a diverse range of outdoor gear. At the heart of our brand lies the fire-pit grill, the 'Razgar,' which served as the foundation for our mission to bring form, function, and longevity to the world of outdoor design.



Stefan Gadev 1917-2011


The story of Razgar began with a visionary ancestor, Zahari Radev's great grandfather, Stefan Gadev. In the 1970s, Stefan's innovative spirit and metalworking expertise, honed through years in the corporate and military sectors, came together to create his first barbecue/fireplace from a repurposed metal drawer.


Born into a family of industrial leaders who produced sturdy money safes for Bulgarian municipalities, Stefan's passion for innovation and design was instilled from a young age. His creation of the barbecue/fireplace from a salvaged metal drawer marked the beginning of Razgar's dedication to combining form and function in their outdoor equipment offerings.


Zahari Radev 1992-

Zahari is an accomplished Bulgarian industrial designer with a global perspective. He honed his skills in England and gained valuable experience working for international companies in Germany and China. Determined to contribute to the growth of the industrial design scene in Bulgaria, he returned home with a mission to create high-quality products.


Inspired by his great grandfather's old grill, Zahari set out to re-imagine and bring this unique design to the market. The result is Razgar, a stylish and functional grill-fire pit hybrid, featuring a chimney-style construction for optimal airflow.



At Razgar, we believe in the power of nature and strive to create long-lasting products that respect the environment. Our core offerings are made from natural materials and treated with eco-friendly finishes, ensuring their durability and sustainability.


Production of our core products takes place in small workshops, where skilled local craftsmen bring Zahari's designs to life. One such craftsman is Tony(pictured on the left), who creates all the wooden parts on his CNC lathe.


We are proud to design and produce our products in Bulgaria and the EU. We look forward to continuing to grow and create exceptional, naturally crafted products under Zahari's leadership.

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