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Crate/ basket designed as an Eco-friendly product which can act as a beer crate/carrier/basket , but can also be used for wood gathering and anything else!
Smart use of the inside dividers are giving the possibility to safely carry bottles, no matter beer, wine or any other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. When you need to carry anything else, you can take them separators out fully or split the inner space in 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 compartments. The durable natural aluminium, which is easy to clean, shapes a great basket for any type of use: home, outdoor, garage, car, picnic, proffesional, etc.! Because of the folding handle you can easily store the crate with other objects and put items on top of it. If you have two Razgar crates, you can stack them one on top of other!

Because of the channels on the bottom and carefully chosen material, the non-rusting aluminium, you can use Razgar crate with running water, to keep your drinks cold! The channels on the bottom help for easy and fast clean!

The crate is made of aluminium to keep the drinks cooler for longer as well. It is possible, in the hot days, to directly put ice inside of the basket an so to have the drinks cold for even longer! The melting ice will just run trough the channels on the bottom!


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  • Razgar‘s crate is made of natural materials for wide variety of purposes.

    The crate has inside separators that person can adjust in any needed way or take them out
    completely for bigger objects.

    The folding handle allows the basket to stack one on top of each other and to be easily stored with other items.

    The open slots on the bottom are allowing use of ice and running water for cooling drinks and easy clean.

    Silicone feet are helping the crate to stay stable even on slippery surfaces.

    Combination of aluminium, stainless steel, Oak and
    silicone are the materials shaping Razgar‘s crate.
    The basket is beautiful and more importantly it makes caring heavy objects much easier.
    The Oak handle is soft on touch and does not get warm, nor cold.
    By taking out all separators the basket becomes great for caring wood, charcoals and other
    burning materials for grill, fire pit, fireplace etc.
    Separators can split the inside in 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 spaces. For picnic, leave 4 parts for beers and 2
    bigger ones for plates and food.
    Diverse to use for shopping, hiking, backpacking, traveling, moving, storing and even more!

    Carry it with style.

    Main body: 2mm aluminium
    Inside separators: 1mm aluminium
    Handle: solid Oak
    Silicone feet: silicone, replaceable
    Fasteners: stainless steel

    Height (closed handle): 31cm / 12.2 in
    Height (open handle): 43cm / 16.9 in
    Length: 41cm / 16.1 in
    Width: 18cm / 7 in

    Weight: 2.1KG (without separators)
    Weight: 2.3KG (with separators)

    Max carry weight: 15KG

    Design: Bulgaria
    Production: Bulgaria