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Razgar started in the 1970s, when industrial designer Zahari Radev's great grandfather made his first barbecue/fireplace out of an old metal drawer.

Produced in the EU with long lasting materials, Razgar BBQ is made to travel with you anywhere and be the cooking friend you need.

Barbecue designed as an Eco-friendly product which can act as a grill and outdoor fire pit at once.
Smart use of the vermiculite boards with durable steel and easy to clean stainless steel creates a chimney effect which can resist 1100° C. Because of the great air flow, lighting up takes seconds.

The heat-accumulating vermiculite boards make Razgar charcoal grill very economical on fuel, while protecting the coated steel from direct flame corrosion. Once heated, they start to act as an active radiator to keep you warm in the cool evenings.

Air flow can be regulated with the drawer, for easy lighting in the open position and grilling in the closed position.
The drawer has enough space to gather ash for several usages, no need to clean every time.

Relax with the joy of warmth in the long nights, anywhere you desire.

Can be used with logs as wood burner and is portable charcoal grill. Perfect outdoor fireplace in the backyard or at picnic!


Created to last for generations, made from natural materials!


Razgar Grill

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  • Main body:
    Full 2mm thick solid steel

    Top grill:
    Full 5mm thick stainless steel rods

    25mm Vermiculite boards resisting 1100°C
    100% ecological

    Inside grill:
    3mm solid stainless steel

    Stone protector:
    1mm solid stainless steel, mirror polish for easy clean

    Silicone feet:
    3mm silicone feet, replaceable

    Silicone protector:
    3mm silicone feet, replaceable

    Axalta coating, black full mat, resisting 600°C

    30mm solid Oak

    Coating wood:
    Osmo ecological oil

    Drawer slider:
    5mm silicone rope, replaceable

    All stainless steel

    Height: 400mm
    Length: 470mm
    Depth: 190mm
    Weight: 12kg

    More info:

    Vermiculite is a unique Eco-friendly natural material. According to TVA, it is one of the safest and most unique minerals in the world. It has high refractory and thermal insulation properties. We have chosen it to give unique properties to our product such as high efficiency, long heat exchange and maintaining the thermal properties of our product.

    Because of its incredible material quality's it fits best to our purpose of use. Steel has high temperature durability, high strength as well as high weather resistance.

    For even longer product life we chose the final protection treatment to be a special high-class paint proven to resist 600°C \ 1100°F made from Axalta coatings USA.

    Stainless steel:
    Stainless steel, the material that is know for best corrosion resistance. It is used in highly specialized kitchens, food industry, medical industry and for many other purposes. We carefully chose it to be a other main element in Razgar, because of heat and corrosion resistance, enhancing the product functionality making it easy to clean and of course because of its beauty.

    Oak is a material that exhibits its character over time, it resists weather well, it manages to resist for long periods in external conditions. Because we work exclusively with natural materials, the wooden elements are treated with natural Eco-oils that protect and enhance their beauty. We use Osmo and recommend it with two hands!

    Oak coating:
    Osmo Wood Wax Finish combines all the advantages of oils and waxes in one unique product. Resistant to water and dirt and very durable, the waxes smoothen the wood surface while the oils penetrate to protect from within.

    Design: Bulgaria
    Production: Bulgaria