Enjoy grill and fire pit, anywhere.

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Portable grill and fire pit.

Produced in the EU with long lasting materials, Razgar is made to travel with you anywhere and be the cooking friend you need.

Designed as an eco-friendly product which can act as a grill and fire pit at once.
Smart use of the vermiculite boards with durable steel and easy to clean stainless steel creates a chimney effect which can resist 1100° C. Because of the great air flow, lighting up takes seconds.

The heat-accumulating vermiculite boards make Razgar very economical on fuel, while protecting the coated steel from direct flame corrosion. Once heated, they start to act as an active radiator to keep you warm in the cool evenings.

Air flow can be regulated with the drawer, for easy lighting in the open position and grilling in the closed position.
The drawer has enough space to gather ash for several usages, no need to clean every time.
For travel, the soft case holds the drawer shut and prevents mess in your car, camper, RV, or at the storage place.


Relax with the joy of warmth in the long nights, anywhere you desire.



Created to last for generations, made from natural materials.

Main body:
Full 2mm thick solid steel
Top grill:
Full 5mm thick stainless steel rods
25mm Vermiculite boards resisting 1100°C

100% ecological
Inside grill:
3mm solid stainless steel
Stone protector:
1mm solid stainless steel, mirror polish for easy clean
Silicone feet:
3mm silicone feet, replaceable
Silicone protector:
3mm silicone feet, replaceable
Axalta coating, black full mat, resisting 600°C
30mm solid Oak
Coating wood:

Osmo ecological oil
Drawer slider:

Ceramic rope resisting 1000°C

All stainless steel

H: 400mm, L: 470mm, D: 190mm

Weight: 12kg


Greta M.: "No chrome plated grill grate! Solid quality stainless steel we have used, this guarantees many many years of usage.​"

Sarah W.Straight away easy set up in seconds.

Best grill for RV's, compact, easy to organize shape. ​



Where it all started.

Stefan Gadev 1917-2011


Razgar started in the 1970s, when industrial designer Zahari Radev's great grandfather made his first barbecue/fireplace out of an old metal drawer.

He welded several rods together to create the grill section and used a material for insulating fireplaces to protect the metal on the inside. After many years working for different corporations and the Bulgarian military, Stefan Gadev was a very good metal mould maker.


He was born in a family of industrial innovators: Stefan's father and grandfather used to produce solid money safes, which were used in many of the municipalities in Bulgaria.



Zahari Radev 1992-

Zahari is a Bulgarian industrial designer who studied in England and worked in numerous international companies including in Germany and China. He came back to Bulgaria with the hope of growing the industrial design scene in his home country.

Often he used the old, rusty grill of his great grandfather. A day came when he decided to recreate this incredible product and share it with the world.

Now Razgar is not only great materials, with a great feel for detail. With its incredible chimney-like construction creating great airflow it perfectly combines grill and fire-pit in one.

Brad S.: "True portability, easy to bring around with you. Great and versatile, giving you options to try different methods of grilling. 

Great look, perfect design combining form and function! Assembly time takes seconds!

Cook for 50+ people on a portable grill? YES! Top performance, compact grill that grills hot and fast with

plenty of airflow you can precisely control the temperature.

The grill seals and closes up well, keeping all the ashes, drippings and other stuff inside and not on your car!

Incredibly easy and fast to clean, as no details in your way. Top finish is made to be cleaned in seconds!"

Our reviews on Etsy:

Well build, amazing details, never seen grill/fireplace like this one!

Great communication with the seller, was very helpful and answered all of my questions. Awesome product, very happy with my purchase. Definitely recommend! Thank you!

Great communication! Highly recommended! *****




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Enjoy grill and fireplace, anywhere.

Hans Z."Shipped in good packaging, can be ordered as a gift and it will arrive exactly how a present should look like!​"

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